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Discover The Simple Sales Method That Converts 90% Of Your Prospects Instantly... Even If Your Offer Is Outrageously Expensive.

​This new scientific approach will not just drastically increase your closing ratio, but will also help you recover clients that develop cold feet. Ideal for real estate, mini-importation, MLM... and any other high ticket business.

If the headline above doesn’t sound unbelievable to you (at least to a little extent), then you probably have not been in business for a very long time.

But if you read this page to the end...

You’ll discover the simple strategy that makes this closing method different from the others. And how regular businesses are using it to comfortably thrive in red oceans.

Kindly answer the questions below to find out if this is a right fit for your business:

  • Do you sell expensive (or luxury) product services? Or do you plan to?
  • How often do you hear “we’ll get back to you” from a prospect?
  • Aren't you tired already?
  • So, will you like to figure out how to recover all those lost sales starting today?
  • How about figuring out how to prevent future prospects from developing cold feet on a deal or from abandoning their carts online?
  • As an entrepreneur, what would it feel like if 80-90% of your qualified prospects actually make the purchase?

If any of these appeals to you, then what I’m about to share with you is going to knock off your khakis.

Before we continue, here's my Gratuitous Self Aggrandizing Introduction…

My name is Promise Ohaneje. I am a Cardone Certified Sales Consultant (CCSC).

In the last 4yrs, I have consulted for over 35 businesses in different niches, including real estate, automobiles, jewelries, MLM, internet marketing and a few others…

In these few years of working with diverse businesses, I have successfully perfected a system for selling expensive/luxury products and services irrespective of industry.

Riddle Me For A Minute…

Do you think that just having a nicely written sales copy, a VSL, or even having a beautiful website can guarantee you a sale?

Especially when you selling expensive solutions like real estate, automobiles or other premium-priced products and services?

Most of these kinds of deals require some sort of one-on-one human interaction to close the sales.

The fear of uncertainty, or of losing money, or paying to a fraudulent person, or worse still, not being able to clarify all preconceived doubts, are some major reasons why many prospects develop cold feet mid-way in your deals.

Closing of sales, as you already know, is a vital skill when it comes to selling premium products / services. It’s that point of exchange of value between the prospect and the salesman.

Today, I want to show you a simple closing method that I’ve been using in my business and my client’s businesses for the last 4yrs+ that 99.9% guarantees me of closing the sale instantly.

  • Imagine that you’re able to get your most curious, inquisitive and even the ‘I-know-it-all’ kind of prospects to start buying without those their 'initial gragra.'
  • Imagine never having to lose a sale to a prospect who suddenly started developing cold-feet, they want to check with their spouse or a business partner (who may say NO) before making the purchase.
  • Imagine having a god-like certainty that you’d make a sale today, and every other day.

What will your business look like in the next 12months?

The skill required to achieve this level of certainty is called...

Unlike every other form of closing, all you need for phone closing is just your mobile phone.

In this documentation, I’m going to make some assumptions…

I’m assuming that you are an entrepreneur and you already have the processes to bring in prospects into your business (through advertising and other marketing avenues).

So my discussion here will focus on how you can close all your prospects - without losing any.

How you or any member of your staff can use phone closing to drastically increase your closing ration to over 90% within 30days.

But if you don't own a business yet, maybe you're just a freelancer...

You can work as an independent phone closer for other businesses, closing sales for them daily.

Phone Closing will serve as your high-income skill that keeps you profitable - on demand, without all the other hassles of running a business like...

  • Prospecting
  • Marketing
  • Product creation
  • Service delivery
  • Customer supporting
  • Overhead cost
  • Business management
  • Staffing wahala (delegating, hiring, firing, etc)
  • Building of sales funnels
  • Designing of landing pages
  • Driving traffic to website

All you need is a phone with airtime in it. Even if it’s a palasa chinko phone, or even Nokia 3310, it will still work.

This is the only closing method I use in my consulting business to bring in 7-8 figure clients for myself.

Besides, I also do freelance phone closing (on part-time basis) for some of the businesses I consult for.

When I take up a new client and give them my projected closing ratio for their business, 9 out of 10 times, it sounds to them like an exaggeration to them...

Until they see me implement it in their business.

My results always sounds impossible to the regular salesman. Such closing ratios are unheard of.

Looking back in history, I strongly believe that how I feel was how Roger Bannister must have felt when he broke the 4-minute-mile record in May 6th 1965.

Story time… Lol...

Prior to that date (May 6th, 1965), it was believed that if anyone ran a mile in 4mins or less, his heart will beat so fast that it would explode in his chest.

Roger Bannister did the seemingly impossible - he broke this record on the said date. And he didn’t die.

What’s more interesting was that 46 days later, another person by name John Landy repeated this record.

It implies that what John Landy needed was someone (Roger Bannister) to prove that it is possible.

My story is similar also...

I started out as a web designer in my early career days. I was awesome at delivering the service. Most of my clients (which I literally suffered to get) referred me to their friends.

But I was terrible at winning new clients.

The most painful part for me was watching those who met me in the industry, overtake me in business.

They were constantly socializing and getting new clients from events.

But I am an introvert.

Too bad for me as a business person.

Going to events and meeting new people was not my thing.

And I was also terrible at being the traditional salesy and slimy salesman that can force products down the throats of clients, even when they don’t want it.

I also sucked at following up on prospects.

The height of my failure to close sales was when I lost a N5,000,000 deal in November 2014.

I had a one-on-one sales meeting with the CEO of Assotel Telecommunications Nigeria Limited. Assotel is MTN's second biggest partner in Nigeria (next to BenJack).

I did my research ahead of time, so I knew what his company lacking. I outlined everything in my sales presentation to him.

I wanted to do a web revamp for his company. I also wanted to help them set up mobile money (e-wallet) using recharge cards.

The man was sold on the offer. He was 100% interested in what I was offering, but when he popped the golden question, "How Much Will It Cost?"

I froze like a deer in headlights.

The deal was a 5milllion Naira deal. But I literally could not form the words...

It’s understandable if you find this part of my story unbelievable.

Because I also laughed when I heard similar stories from other people. Not until it happened to me before I understood what they passed through.

I literally lost all my confidence in split seconds.

I became an instant stammerer when it came to mentioning my price. Probably because I had never done any deal as big as that prior to that date.

The prospect lost every respect he had for me and every confidence he had in my ability to deploy the solution which I was offering to his company - in those few seconds.

I still remember vividly how my heart started pounding really fast in split seconds. I was sweating on my palms, and there was so much sweat on my legs also.

And there were 2 air conditioners in that office, so there was no way I was hot. Lol

Now, I can laugh over it, but that day it wasn't funny.

The only thing my partner could say was "We will send you all the financials over email." And that was how we lost a N5million deal.

My real pain came when I saw on billboards that Assotel had started implementing everything I outlined in my sales presentation - on their own.

My ideas became the core ingredients of their growth at that point and I never got paid for it. Just because I couldn't close a simple sale...


How many deals (or prospects) have you also lost?

Probably because you messed up along the line, or because your prospect lost the respect they had for you...

Or did your prospects develop cold-feet on the sale before you even knew it...?

It took me 2yrs+ of pain, sweat, trials and errors to master the art of closing the sale.

I bought lots of training online (as you would expect).

But the challenge was that the trainers were mostly foreign coaches. So most times, the knowledge was not immediately applicable here in Nigeria.

I had to tweak multiple times to perfect the art of the close.

I practiced closing everywhere: High Ticket, Low Ticket, Services, Training Programs, Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Events (Seminars & Webinars), Ecommerce, on my friends, and even on my loved ones.

Now, I'm so good at closing, I don't even need to be in the same room with a prospect to close them on the sale. Just get me on the phone with them, and it's a done deal.

Phone closing became my ideal closing method to speak with people just once, and be sure of the sale.

It became the way out for introverts like me to get clients with ease and certainty.

It is also ideal for you if you want to increase your closing ratio and generate much more revenue for your business with ease and comfort.

If I can do it, I guarantee you will smash it back-to-back.

How Effective Is Phone Closing?

We use something called the Zero-Resistance Sales Method which allows you tap into the deep subconscious of your prospects mind.

Don’t worry, nothing psychic here...

It is just a simple method of understanding the personality type (or temperament) of the prospect by just listening to them talk for the first few seconds.

Once you figure out their personality type within the first 5-10 seconds of listening to them, the next thing to do is to use the specific set of words that matches that personality type.

Don't worry, I'll give you the words that matches with each personality type. These words will help you connect with your prospects instantly!

Deploying these specific personality-categorized words, plus using the right tonality will make your prospects give themselves away like a kid in an candy shop.

The Zero-Resistance Sales Method helps us instantly predict the objection of the prospect and handle it, before the prospect even realizes that there was ever an objection.

How else do you think I am able to boast of record-breaking closing ratios as high as 60% to 95%...?

This skill has so been hidden from mankind like an occultic secret, I feel like a chief priest right now.

With the Zero-Resistance Closing Method, it won't matter if...

  • It won't matter if you are not good at talking,
  • It won't matter if you've never closed an expensive sale before,
  • It won't matter if you lacked confidence,
  • It won't even matter if you are an introvert...

You will be able to use their objections to your advantage. So, you can achieve the "One-Call-One-Sale" goal.


Phone Closing is a skill and not a business on its own. And just like every skill, you only earn when you put it to work. It doesn’t generate money for you on autopilot.

It doesn’t make you money while you sleep. It is also not a get rich quick scheme. You rather make money when you make a sale using this skill.

It can be used by freelancers who want to work as independent closers for corporate entities. It can also be used by business owners who want to stop losing sales which they truly deserve.

This single skill has allowed me work with real estate firms, car vendors, MLMs, solar/inverter companies & even online businesses.

And I consistently earn 6-7figures in commissions from them every single month - excluding revenues from my own business.

You. Can. Do. The. Same. Too…

Think about it…

Imagine you start closing high ticket sales, selling things as expensive as land and houses with nothing but your phone…

Even as a freelancer, you can offer this service to businesses from the comforts of your homes...

It feels like the sweetest thing since sliced bread.

These days, I just lie on my bed almost all day, watching funny videos on Instagram and TikTok. I only make 3-4 calls per day and I get to live the life of my dreams.

Phone Closing has afforded me the opportunity to live a 'Lazy Lifestyle' without any consequence whatsoever.

The reason why you've probably NEVER heard of me until now is because I make more money actually closing sales on the phone, than teaching it...

As a matter of fact, I have never considered teaching anyone this skill publicly until about 3months ago when a friend closed me on the idea.

Here’s one of my closest inner-circle proteges that's currently crushing it “gbas-gbos” in the real estate industry in Enugu state.

Ugochukwu V.

Kunyite Digital Inc.

Sir Promise has finally accepted to create a training to help other entrepreneurs learn this same skill that I used to build a 7-figure agency model in the real estate industry.

Phone closing doesn't just work for the real estate industry or the agency management niche. A celebrity online entrepreneur (Waju Abraham) also decided to check how effective phone closing is with internet courses.

He could not contain his excitement after seeing how I used Phone Closing to recover a huge percentage of his prospects who already abandoned their carts.

Waju was rather too fast (or excited) to announce results.
The closing ratio later increased to 68%.

What this means is that whether your business is online or offline, phone closing will still work for you.

So long as the people you are trying to sell to have phones to receive calls, then I can show you how to get their direct/personal phone number so your best closer can close them on whatever you are selling.

I dare to say that Phone Closing has no industry boundaries. We have even consulted for companies in the alternate energy niche.

Tobi Benson

Femelect Alternate Energy Technologies Limited.

Accepting this whole phone closing deal felt so unreal at first, but it later turned out to be our best decision since 2018 till date. Many thanks to Promise Ohaneje.

Then I started gaining global recognition and fame - to God's glory.

In September 2019, I was featured on Chapter 23 of "The Money Whisperer Book" – A business resource for high income earners globally.

I was given the honour to share simple phone closing strategies that entrepreneurs can leverage on to start closing more sales easily and instantly.

What’s my point in sharing all these?

Simple! If I can do it regardless of how poorly I started, then anyone can.

You even stand a better chance at becoming great at this skill, really fast.

Understanding and mastering phone closing may take you some time. Maybe 1month, maybe 2months. Or probably even 3months.

I don’t know your speed of assimilation, so I can’t give an exact duration. But once you master it, everything changes - entirely.

And to help you gain mastery, I have prepared an ongoing coaching and mastermind program where you can learn and earn at the same time.


It's a 7-module online course and ongoing coaching program that shows you everything you need to know to start closing sales on the phone ($1,497 Value).

Below Is A Breakdown of the 7 Modules in The Program

Module 1: How to Dominate in Life and In Business with A High-Ticket Mindset. Your Initiation Ceremony.

Module 2: The Advanced Human Psychology of High-Ticket Sales and Ultra-Luxury Selling - Understanding why buyers buy and what to do about it.

Module 3: The Zero-Resistance Closing Methodology That Will Help You Instantly Close any Prospect by Predicting Their Objections. With This Method, You Will Get Paid on Demand.

Module 4: Phone Closing Scripts - The 7 Secrets I Used to Close Tens of Millions of Naira for My Clients Over the Phone.

Module 5: How to Handle Objections and Resistance. Become the Ultimate Closer So You Generate Sales at the Quickest Rate without Wasting a Minute on Prospects.

Module 6: Behind the Scenes of my Phone Closing Framework So You Can Get your Closing Ratio to Rock Solid Standards without Getting Nervous.

Module 7: The Simple Method I Use to Connect with High Profile Businesses to Get Them Sign Me Up as Their Closer. This Single Module Will Guarantee You A 6-Figure Monthly Income as A Phone Closer.

With all these massive value in the pack, you would wonder what the access fee would be.

I’ll reframe it into a question...

"How Much Is The Phone Closing University Worth To You?"

  • If Phone Closing University can help you double your closing ratio without ever being perceived like a traditional salesman by your prospects, how much would it be worth to you?
  • If Phone Closing University can help you get rid of every resistance from your prospects, how much would it be worth to you?
  • If Phone Closing University can help you have the confidence to close and instantly connect with each of your prospects, , how much would it be worth to you?
  • If Phone Closing University can help you live the lifestyle that you actually always wanted to have in your life, how much would it be worth to you?

Phone Closing University will be launched in the international marketplace at ₦400,000 flat rate.

But we are initially creating a test group for the Nigerian market to generate testimonials for the global launch.

Access Fee is ₦150,000 Only.

Instead of ₦400,000...

My Goal For The Test Group.

My goal is to give you everything you need to become masters at closing within a few weeks from now.

I will literally be working with you on a 1-on-1 basis, so I can help you implement all that we’ve just talked about.

And to make it a total no-brainer for even a brain-dead jubril to take this offer, I will give you a few things I wished I had while I was still figuring this shii all along.

BONUS #1: The Phone Call Analyzer. I’ll break down your real sales calls and show you what you’re doing right or wrong so you get better faster ($997 Value)

BONUS #2: Weekly Live Calls so you can ask me questions deep diving into your current situation to receive support every step of the way to ensure your success week after week. ($4,997 Value)

BONUS #3: A Students’ Mastermind Community so you can get help, strategize, role-play with other phone closers who are also making sales daily ($1,497 Value)

BONUS #4: Plus, you’ll get all my templates, scripts, checklists & recordings of all lessons.

What Else Could You Possibly Need?

I figured that there are some business owners who might be reading this, but still have challenges with client attraction and generation.

Here's what I'm gonna do for you...

BONUS #5: I will show you my 3-Step Lead Generation Funnel Framework that I use to generate qualified high-ticket leads. This is strictly for business owners.

Every other thing you need will be provided in the Students’ Mastermind Community. That's why we call it an on-going coaching program.

So if you truly want to learn the art of phone closing from someone who has not just done it, but has mastered the art, join my Phone Closing University (Test Group) today.

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.

And that’s how I know I've said enough.

However, it is your life. It is your choice.

You can sit on the sideline waiting for things to happen or you can take what I give you based on my experience of almost half of a decade and run with it.

Either way, the decision is yours. And I respect that.

1 year from now... if you are one of those who took action, you will say, "I'm so glad I made the right decision investing in my future."

And, it will make you proud.

Plus, when you join the The Phone Closing University (along with all the massive bonuses) and implement what you acquire, you will be able to command money on demand.

That's the kind of noble legacy you want to pass on to your children.

It is also how you can say, "I have no regret in life."


Do nothing. Stay the same.

Earn the same.

And let your kids inherit the same.

The choice is yours.

I already know that some people reading this are already stuck in their own ways and won't do exactly as I say.

I totally get it. We are adults. Products of habit. After a while, even hardship becomes more of a habit than a condition.

Some people have gotten so used to never taking action that they now perfectly fit what Les Brown meant when he said, "Most People Will Not Even Participate In Their Own Rescue"

I hope that's not you. Else, I'll fear for your future...

But if you are among the select few who want to change the status quo, then your actions on this page will say differently.

I trust I'll see you on the inside.

Thanks for reading.

-- Promise Ohaneje.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are some of the questions that people have asked in my DM. So this section will be constantly updated as more questions come in…

Q: How will I get jobs when I finish the training?

We don’t provide you with jobs, except on some occasions when we have more gigs than we can handle, then we hand over some of our gigs to our best students.

However, we give you all the scripts swipes to get a client to hire you instantly. Then you'll also get our lead generation funnel to give them so they can generate a horde of prospects for you to close.

Q: Can I get a refund in this program?

No, we don’t do refunds or money back guarantees on educational products & solutions. We rather give you maximum support to help you actualize your goals using the training.

Q: Can I speak with someone before I proceed to make payments?

Yes, you can. Just click on the chat button at the bottom-right corner of this page. You will be connected with one of our support staff​.

Q: Can I get a discount?

Yes, you can. You can get a whooping 50% discount. But on one condition. You will only be given the training material (videos, PDFs, etc.), but you won't be granted access into our ongoing coaching community.

If you believe that you can learn on your own, and you don't need to join our mastermind community where you can role-play with other phone closers...

If you believe you won't need to ask any questions, hence you don't need my personal attention, then this 50% discount is for you. CLICK HERE

Q: Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can. You take the 50% discount deal up above first, and you get only training materials, without access to the coaching community. When you are ready to join us, you pay the balance 50% and get full access.

Warning: If/when the price of Phone Closing University goes up, you will be required to calculate and pay the new 50% balance and not the old one.

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